A Whole Community, Inc. (AWC) assesses the needs of communities and develops sustainable projects that will meet multiple needs all within one project.

The Community Food Project

Apples and Youth Volunteers

The Community Food Project has the following goals:

  • Decrease Food Waste (USDA estimates that 90 billion pounds of food in the U.S. that could be eaten is being thrown away yearly)
  • Increase Local Produce (vegetables and fruits) being used in schools, preschools, summer programs, and food pantries

How are we doing this? 

AWC created a local Farm to School and Farm to Food Pantry project with Wooster Local Roots facility as our base for operations.  We provide local, fresh produce to food pantries free of charge.  We also sell local, fresh produce to schools, preschools, and summer programs at a reduced price to build sustainability into the project. 

FUNDING NEEDED:  We are accepting donations to purchase a refrigerated truck, which will be used to transport the produce from the farms to the food pantries, community meal sites, and schools.

• 27 Farms (Amish Farmers, Local Roots Farmers, and OARDC Research Farms),
• Donated 826 bushel boxes/cases of vegetables and fruit (24 different types),  weighing  a total of 23,670 pounds
• Received, sorted, and tracked by 40 volunteers and 1 Ohio Works Youth worker,
• Giving 1,163 hours of their time
• 73% went to 12 Food Pantries and Served Meal Sites, who fed 1,326 families
• 11% went to Farm to School
• 10% was given to Volunteers for helping
• 6% composted

AWC would like to thank the “whole community” who made this possible by each sharing what they had to offer.

Our mottos:  “All have value” and ” We need each other.”