Community Food Project

A Whole Community, Inc. (AWC) gathers surplus produce from local farms and shares with local food pantries, free meal sites, and low income neighborhoods.

 The Community Food Project has the following four goals:

1)  Reduce Food Waste (According to Guardian report 2016, roughly 50% of all produce in the United States is thrown away – some 60 million tons, $160 billion worth of produce annually, an amount constituting one third of all food)

2)  Increase Local, Fresh from the Farm Vegetables and Fruits provided to those in need at food pantries, community meal sites, low-income neighborhoods, and through gleaning programs.

3)  Improve Nutrition (recipes are provided and food demonstrations with taste testing are offered, as able)

4)  Assist local farmers with sustainability

Over the past SIX years, AWC has provided 428,492 pounds of farm-fresh produce to those in need. Download: AWC Summary 2022

FUNDING NEEDED FOR 2023:  Donations help provide fresh produce to needy families by sponsoring food pantries, meal sites, and low-income neighborhoods to receive local produce throughout the Summer and Fall.  Click here to donate.

AWC would like to thank the “whole community” who has helped make this possible by each sharing what they have to offer.

2022 Sponsors and logos

Click for a DIRECTORY of where to find free food sources in Wayne County: 2022 Wayne Co Food Pantries and Meal sites for website
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