Our Story

Karen & Charles (70)Karen Potter, AWC Founder and Executive Director, is a licensed social worker who has over 25 years of experience overseeing various community projects funded by a variety of funding sources (federal, state, local, and private). For 10 years, Karen oversaw Community Health Assessments and their corresponding strategic planning, first in Wayne County and then for Wayne, Holmes, and Ashland Counties in Ohio.

She experienced the positive impact that bringing together many people and agencies to work on complex issues can have. Karen has a passion to lead, connect, and coordinate multi-sector, community projects, yet she is very aware that it takes “a whole community.” As each community member or each agency contributes the small amount they are able to give (whether skills, knowledge, money, time, resources, etc.), it all comes together and creates the solution. All have something of value to share, while in return should receive something of value that meets their own needs. As “win-win” solutions are formed, all receive something positive in the experience.


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